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We order and deliver all McHale farm machinery throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe including balers, wrappers, mowers, bale handlers and bale feeders.

Phone our office today on +35374 9129317 and our team will be able to provide you with a quotation for your requirements. 

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As official North West agents we supply the full range of McHale products nationwide, to Northern Ireland and United Kingdom. We also supply parts and provide a full back up service for all McHale Plant.

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McHale Mowers

McHale Pro Glide Mower Range 1

We offer the following range of McHale Mowers:

  • McHale Pro Glide B9000 Combination Mower
  • McHale Pro Glide F3100 Front Mower
  • McHale Pro Glide R3100 Rear Mower

All Mowers are fitted with 3 metre cutter bars with tine conditioners and benefit from a number of  features which result in better ground following ability,quicker reaction times to the changes in ground conditions.



Integrated Baler Wrapers                                                            717 Fusion 3 static shot landscape

We offer the following range of Integrated Baler Wrapers:

  • McHale Fusion 3
  • McHale Fusion 3 Plus
  • McHale Fusion Varios

These integrated baler wrappers,combine two traditionally separate jobs; namely bale wrapping and baling, and integrates them into a single operation, which can be done by one man and one machine enabling you to cut costs. 



Fixed Chamber Round Balers                                                                                           fixed chamber round balers

We offer the following range of Fixed Chamber Round Balers:

  • F5400 – Fixed Chamber Baler
  • F5500 – 15 Knife Chopper Baler

  • F5600 – 25 Knife Chopper Baler

  • F5600 Plus- Film Binding Baler


These heavy duty round balers have been designed with the heavy demands of today's farmer's in mind.

V660 – Variable Chamber Round Baler – Belt BalerMcHale V660 Variable Chamber Baler 1

This V660 Variable Chamber Round Baler was built to last and developed on some of the world’s most rugged terrain, the McHale range of round balers is known around the world for durability







Round Bale Wrappers                                                                                mchale round baler              

We offer the following range of Round Bale wrappers:

  • McHale Orbital High Speed Round Bale Wrapper
  • 991LB – Round Bale Wrapper
  • 991LBER Round Bale Wrapper
  • 991BC – Round Bale Wrappers
  • 991TBER Round Bale Wrapper
  • 991BC – Round Bale Wrappers
  • 991BE – Round Bale Wrapper
  • 991BJS – Round Bale Wrapper
  • 991 HIGH SPEED
  • McHale W2020 – Stacking Bale Wrapper


Handling Equipment                                                 handling equipment

We offer the following range of handling equipment:

  • 691 – Round Bale Handler
  • R5 – Round Bale Handler
  • McHale 994 – Round Bale Splitter
  • Rs4 Bale Splitter & Wrap Retainer


Straw Blower & Bale Feeder Range   Rs4 Bale Splitter & Wrap Retainer

This C460 Straw Blower & Bale Feeder is the ideal solution for farmers who want to feed round bales efficeiently.







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